If you’ve ever watched Muay Thai, then you’ll fully understand just how dangerous can is be, so much so that many fighters are quite literally prepared to put their life on the line each time they step into the ring – it’s serious business, certainly not something to be taken lightly.

A Bond That Could Make, Or Break……

If you’re already training Muay Thai and find yourself looking for considering a new trainer then you already know how important it is to make the right choice of trainer, and probably have a few good reasons to share based upon your experience thus far. If you’re considering the idea of getting involved in training as a ‘new recruit’ then you may not know much about the kind of relationship that should be formed between fighter and trainer.

It is crucial, if you are intending to take your training seriously, that you find the right trainer for you, for several reasons. First and foremost, there must be a high level of respect that goes both ways, strangely enough, the other reasons for making the right choice of trainer also fall under the umbrella of trust and respect. Without it, you will either be unsuccessful, unhappy, or even worder, you could end up getting seriously hurt.

Fighters Must Be Able to Assume Responsibility

Having said all the above, the fighter can only be as good as the trainer, if they are prepared to listen, take criticism without allowing their feelings to overpower their actions, and they must be able to follow instructions, to the key.

Most successful fighters of Muay Thai Reading and legendary ‘hall of fame’ fights have become so because the fighter and trainer worked together, as a team, working to a game plan that had been thoroughly practiced and worked on in the gym prior to the event. Sometimes, the game plans are worked upon for years, as both fighter, and trainer observe the opposition looking for any weaknesses, or ‘chinks’ in the armor of any potential threats that may come knocking.

How to Find a Suitable Trainer?

As with most things, one of the best ways to find a trainer/team that you will gel with is best sought by way of recommendation. There are a growing number of Muay Thai gyms opening so you should be ok for choice, although, there is a high chance that one of the already established gyms would be a better place to start and remember, It’s all about the people!

 Not the name, the look of the place, or how much it costs. The gyms with the best trainers are those that have been around a few years and have a ‘family’ of like-minded people training together and helping each other out.

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