Why a Business Or Tourism Degree Is a Sound Academic Choice.

It is fantastic news that you have decided to attend university or to go back to university to get yourself properly qualified and so now you have some difficult decisions ahead of you as to what discipline that you want to study. You want something that is relevant to your everyday life and you want something that can help to move you up the corporate ladder and to offer you promotional prospects. This is why many people choose to study for a business or tourism degree because the tourism industry is now starting to grow again and business will always continue to exist.

It might be a good choice to choose a bachelor’s degree international (known as เรียน ต่อ ป ตรี อินเตอร์ in Thai) because not only can you study a business and tourism degree but you get to learn about how these particular industries operate in the international arena. If you’re still a little bit on the fence when it comes to choosing your discipline for your degree then maybe the following benefits of choosing tourism or business can help you to make a sound academic choice.

  • There is massive growth – In places such as Thailand for example, the tourists are now beginning to flock back and Thailand expects at least 40 million tourists this calendar year. This is an incredible amount of people to have to take care of and to provide with essential tourism and business services and so there is a pretty sound chance that there will be many jobs available in this industry.
  • Everyone is doing business – There is absolutely no doubt that business takes place every single day and it will continue to take place into the future and far beyond. If you get yourself a bachelor’s degree in business then you are vastly qualified to take on many different positions that can offer you a high salary than many opportunities for growth. Employers are looking for prospective employees who not only have a business degree but who have international experience as well and so you will be perfect for such a position.

Hopefully these two reasons can help you to make a sound academic choice when it comes to the discipline that you want to choose for your bachelor’s degree. You really can’t go wrong taking up a career in tourism and there will always be the business side of tourism to enjoy as well. This is a very important juncture in your life, so make sure that you take your time and that you choose wisely because this is your future career we are talking about here.

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