What to Expect After Hours at An International School

International schools are a wonderful way to get your child a great education while still maintaining the culture of your home country. Many will follow the curriculums of leading countries, and international schools create a more international community amongst students and staff. If you decide to sign your child up at an international school, you will also get many benefits from the after-school programs that a school might offer.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Many schools will offer an after-school program known as ECAs, or “extra-curricular activities.” Whether or not you pay for these ECAs after school is up to the discretion of the school. The great thing about these programs is they typically do not last longer than an hour, and your child has the choice of either academic or non-academic choices. You can check out programs by going to different international school websites like to see what all is being offered.

These classes can range from a variety of languages, a range of sports and much more. Students can also look into art classes, music, or choir. It is a great way to build friendships outside of the classroom and cultivate lifelong interests.

A Wide Range of Clubs

Clubs are similar in style to ECAs, but they usually require a little bit more effort. This is because clubs are reserved for students that show a serious passion for a sport or skill. Typically, clubs are a paid after-school activity. This is because the club will ask for fees to organize events or issue uniforms.

Sports clubs are very popular—soccer and swim being two of the most sought-after clubs in international schools. Students are typically asked to try out for the sport first to see if they will be able to make the team. Students that do not make the team need not worry! ECAs will have similar subjects to the clubs offered, so students are still able to explore their interests.

Art-style clubs are also popular. Music is often made into a club, where students that play guitar, piano, flute, trumpet, or more can further hone their skills. Based on interests, some of these music clubs may branch out into a choir club, rock band, and more.

Clubs and ECAs are a wonderful way for your child to further immerse themselves into a school. Students from all different age groups come together and can explore a common interest and create lasting friendships. Be sure to ask prospective international schools about what types of programs they can offer to help your child reach their maximum potential.

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