Cancer Research and Study in Medical Schools of Singapore

Research on cancer symptoms, causes, and treatment is happening every day. Duke-nus medical school is an institution where research on stem cells happen with resources and joint ventures with world-class organizations.


The aim is to be the ardent pursuers of cancer research and diseases that relate to it. They form a vital component in the school where they train scientists to pursue their careers.  The research is the core of the institution. It provides labs and collaborations with the national center on cancer in Singapore and other departments, and clinicians that work on it. The faculty also play a role in projects that work in the production of new drugs. By inviting researchers from all the national centers of cancer and other hospitals, the school creates well-set programs for education.


 Stem cell biology and cancer research is an area with a wide possibility of research. The school focuses on orientation based on science and disease and the production of active drugs. They work to find pathways of the disease through clinical trials and approaches. For this purpose, CSCB (cancer and stem cell biology) is the key. The faculty of duke is well versed in their area of expertise. They impart their knowledge and insight to the students. The medical school promotes projects in the community to let the students practice what they learn and apply their knowledge and skills in real life.

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