What do you Understand by a Culturally Responsive Curriculum

A few years ago, diversity in several public schools had reached at a highest point. It would not be wrong to suggest that most students in the public schools in the US were from racial and ethnic minorities. As a result, diversity in classrooms across the country had increased largely. However, the curriculum provided to those classrooms left several students feeling disengaged, disinterested, and disconnected with the educational process. It created a feeling that could result in lifelong and serious consequences.

Rachel Tobin Yale looks forward to creating a powerful connection between the diverse student backgrounds and the classroom lessons. She is a founder of Nao Now Tutoring LLC that emphasizes on building strategies to design and deliver culturally responsive lessons. It would enable the teachers to engage different learners in a better way along with promoting success for all students in the class.

Understanding culturally responsive curriculum

A culturally responsive curriculum would be a student-centered approach to education. The teaching would be based on the notion that every student brings an exceptional cultural strength to the classroom. It would nurture and recognize those strengths to encourage success along with promoting an open-minded and supportive environment for celebrating cultural differences.

It would be pertinent to mention here that gaining success would require incorporation of culturally responsive teaching strategies at all stage of the learning process. It would be range from the development of curriculum to the assessment of the student. Rest assured that culturally responsive teaching techniques should not be deemed a supplemental approach to education. It ensures that every school activity and learning opportunity should consider ancestral and contemporary cultures, traditions, and beliefs of the students. It would be inclusive of observing the significant holiday traditions of the students in the class. It would also consider understanding the how and why a student and his family should value specific subjects, more than others do.

Rachel Tobin Yale looks forward to promoting active learning through a culturally relevant curriculum. Her expert knowledge of the English language makes her the best tutor for your specific English learning needs. She helps you learn English through American culture. The curriculum would help you develop your English language skills along with helping prepare for both classroom and standardized tests. The curriculum would help you explore topics in an engaging way inclusive of Jurassic Park, Disneyland, Marvel, Starbucks, DNA, and Times Square. The curriculum would offer you with a chance to have one on one lesson for all ages and English levels.

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