International Science Olympiad and the various other International level Olympiads!

Olympiad exams take place all year round in India, and what is rather striking is that there are several subject options to opt from. We will discuss the main Olympiad exams that are conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad to know which exam you want to go for. Most of these Olympiads can be taken by students from class 1 to class 10. There are different Olympiad books that can be referred to by them for studying for the Olympiad exam.

There is the International Science Olympiad that is opted by many students who have an interest in the field of Science. The types of questions in the Science Olympiad are based on applied science. It can take the knowledge of the students on topics of physics, biology, and chemistry to another level. For anyone who is looking to make a future in the science field, it is highly recommended to take this exam. It has two levels in total that have to be cleared by the student.

International Maths Olympiad Questions is all about mathematics as the name suggests. The students have to be clear with the basics of mathematics to attempt this Olympiad exam and ace it. Students from class 1 to class 10 can take this exam as well. They will be given books based on the level of class they are in from which they have to study and appear for the final exam. As we all know that mathematics is one subject that is going to be an integral part of everyone’s life in some way or the other. For instance, even while making day-to-day calculations, you need mathematics as well as for appearing in international level exams. This Olympiad is going to help you solve tricky questions and appear for tougher exams that you might take in the future. This also has two levels that need to be cleared by the student.

English International Olympiad (EIO) exam focuses on the language entirely. The reason why this exam is recommended to most students is that it helps in improving speaking, lessening grammatical errors, bettering vocabulary, and polishing the command over the language. It tests the English competency of all students.

General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO) is all about testing the general knowledge of the student who appears for it. It tests different aspects varying from geography, history, technology, environment, transport, sports, civics, politics, entertainment, and more. This is related to content that is not just limited to what is taught in school. It is more about what is happening around

It is totally up to the student as to which subject they would want to opt for. They can learn more during the preparation for the exam about that field, and of course, after taking the exam. There is always a team of experts who are there to help each and every student at every step. Give it an attempt and you may be a winner of many prizes! Who knows?

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