Six reasons to choose the CBSE board for your child

CBSE is the Central Board of Secondary Education. This board aspires to encompass excellence in every sphere of education. Parents often go through a dilemma while choosing a board for their child. However, CBSE has the advantage of gaining more excellent knowledge for several competitive examinations that the student has to face in his life. CBSE board is under the Government of India, and all the schools associated with CBSE follow the NCERT curriculum. The CBSE syllabus comprises many things, such as subject-wise content, assessment guidelines, marking schemes, and the practical exam syllabus.

CBSE is designed to prepare the students for the competitive exams, and it gives CBSE an added advantage over other boards.

Following are the six reasons why one should choose the CBSE board for their child:

  • Recognized by the Indian Government

The Indian Government recognizes the CBSE board as a national body of education. The curriculum for the different grades is set according to the guidelines that our Indian Government sets. The CBSE syllabus has revolutionized the concept of detailed learning. Studying at CBSE is an experience in itself. The CBSE board focuses on the child’s academic excellence and helps him develop analytical, logical and entrepreneurial skills. It focuses on the overall development of the child.

  • Uniformity throughout the entire curriculum

NCERT has recognized the CBSE curriculum. The board makes sure that both affiliated and non-affiliated schools take the examination and ensure consistency across the student body. Thus, the CBSE syllabus has been highly recognized in the field of education.

  • Focus on language

Several CBSE schools have also included the option of learning another foreign language like German, Spanish or French. With the addition of a new language, the students get good exposure and the students who wish to apply for further studies in foreign countries get an added advantage. Thus, the CBSE Syllabus has added a new feather in its cap. The CBSE schools also have the option of Hindi and English medium language for instruction.

  • Global recognition

The CBSE curriculum has been recognized by almost all the international universities all across the entire globe. Due to this, no CBSE student will ever face any kind of difficulty while applying for a higher education course abroad. The CBSE Syllabus is also kept uniform everywhere. Even the schools abroad follow the same CBSE Syllabus

  • Competitive exam ready

With time, the teaching method has also evolved drastically. It is obvious for every parent to think that their child should be geared up for the competitive exam in the best way possible. The CBSE school has a broad curriculum and it also provides an extra benefit of learning ahead of the time. This, in turn, helps the students in the long run.

  • Easy exam pattern

The same exam pattern is followed in every school that is affiliated with CBSE. The exams in the CBSE schools follow a set schedule and the schools also prioritize the knowledge of the student. Equal emphasis is given to the practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the student.

Hence, the parent should enrol their child in a school that follows a CBSE curriculum.

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