In Search of Excellent Schooling Programs: Qualities to look for in an educational institution for your child

Strong communities often thrive around good schools, especially preschools. In the case of the preschool in Silver Spring, MD , this is certainly true. Like all parents of preschool-age kids, residents in and around Weller Road and nearby communities, however, typically do their own assessments on whether a school is good for their children. But how do you decide which preschool makes the cut? And what should you look for in a preschool to decide if it’s the one to enroll your child in?

More than Just Location

It’s true, if you live in and around Weller Road, proximity of a school is likely one consideration to bear in mind. However, three other important factors to consider include:

  • Focus on the Schools’ Culture

Regardless of how great a reputation a school might have, in terms of academics or other programming, it’s the culture of the school that makes an institution. Parents in Weller Road and its neighborhood should check out the culture of a school before enrolling their kids. Questions to ask include:

  • Is the atmosphere vibrant and bustling?
  • Do kids seem happy?
  • Are children engaged with teachers?
  • Do they interact well with their peers?

When you visit the preschool in Silver Spring, MD, parents will also find that school staff care for and respect students during and outside of class. And it is that culture that brings out the best academic and extracurricular characteristics of its students. Without that supportive culture, preschool-age kids wouldn’t feel confident and secure in their school, which impacts school readiness.

  • Focus on Learning Programs

A well-rounded and challenging learning curriculum is the cornerstone of any preschool. While some schooling systems focus on a few core learning areas, it’s vital to look for one that is broad-based in its outlook. Preschools that concentrate on delivering a wholesome education should offer programs that cover a broader set of student needs, including:

  • Social-Emotional
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Cognitive; and
  • Literacy

But there are other aspects to pre-schooling that need attention too. In addition to these areas, the Silver Spring, MD preschool also builds student interest and curiosity in:

  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies
  • the Arts; and
  • English Language Acquisition

These focus areas help with school readiness, and also serve to give kids a competitive edge when they pursue higher levels of learning.

  • Focus on Extracurricular Programming

A high-quality preschool isn’t a place to enroll your kids in unless it also offers them plenty of extracurricular opportunities. Remember, preschools aren’t supposed to be places where kids excel in extracurricular pursuits. However, it’s a place to introduce young minds to extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, music, and acting.

Programs at the preschool in Silver Spring, MD are aligned with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) approved Creative Curriculum®.  In addition to a strong academic focus, the curriculum also encourages its students to explore many extracurricular activities as part of their programming. In some cases, once introduced to new extracurricular events inside school, students at the school may even pursue their new-found passions outside the school environment, resulting in them finding their true calling in life.

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